Benefits of Dr. Aeroguard Air Purifiers

Removes all dust, dirt, pet hair, bacteria and viruses from the air
Traps pollutants in air which triggers allergic reactions.
Releases vitamin C in the air, reducing stress & aids in relaxation.
Eliminates harmful gases and foul odours from the air.

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State Of The Art Technology

The ultra-precision purification process of Dr. Aeroguard has double the efficiency of purifiers in its class to eliminate sub-micron respirable particles and infection-carrying microbes in the air.

Certified by the world renowned German ‘gui-Lab’, not only does it sense, clean and purify, it revitalizes the air using a perfect blend of Silver Ions, Diatoms & Vitamins making the air 99.9% pure & healthy always.

Advantages of
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Dr. Aeroguard Advanced Filtration System

The advanced filtration process of Dr. Aeroguard Pure Air Management Systems enhances the health of your family by making the air in every room not just pollution free, but also pure and healthy.
Dr.Aeroguard Air Purifier Range

Dr. Aeroguard range of products is designed to suit every need and space with a focus on performance. Our Pure Air Management Systems ensure that you get 99.9% pure and healthy air.

SCPR 1100
Effective coverage of 1100 sq feet. Most suitable for large apartments or commercial establishments.
SCPR 700
Effective coverage of 700 sq feet. Ideal for living rooms and large bedrooms.
SCPR 300
Effective coverage of about 300 sq ft. Place wherever you require without any hassles.
SCPR 100
Effective coverage of about 100 sq ft. Ideal for desktops in offices and homes.